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The Catching

The Catching reflect on DigiTour, Teenage Fiction EP

Boy bands grace every generation. With One Direction on “hiatus,” there is a gap to fill and The Catching are ready to take over. Holden Glazer, lead singer New Jersey-based The Catching took some time to reflect on the DigiTour as they wrap up the cross country tour, along with talking about their EP, Teenage Fiction Part 1.

The Catching consists of Holden Glazer (vocals, bass), Jake Farbman (guitar), Evan Hemwall (guitar) and Drew Stevens (drums).

“Jake, Drew, and I were in a band together for over a year with a different guitarist and in 2014 we wanted to make a change in sound and band name. Naturally, we started to transition away from what was our more pop punk like sound to a more pop rock route. We recorded some music and brought Evan on board, as we knew he was extremely talented and we were all very friendly with him. From there we became The Catching and its been that way ever since,” says Glazer.  “We all love Green Day, Fall Out Boy, Kings of Leon, and The All American Rejects as well as classic bands like The Who, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, and one of my personal favorites, The Doors. For me, inspirations range from Elvis Presley and Jim Morrison to Alex Turner and Matty Healy. All of those are front men I look up to.”

The Catching - Teenage Fiction Part 1With their debut music, now available everywhere, titled Teenage Fiction, Part 1, The Catching are starting to develop their music and their fan base. “Originally, Teenage Fiction was an album of fourteen songs we recorded a year and a half ago. As we developed with the music and started to work up a buzz, we knew wanted music out, but didn’t want to release a full album yet so we put out the best songs from those fourteen. So we thought, lets do a part 1 to leave room for a possible part 2, which will probably include new songs and maybe some of the tracks we didn’t put out. We aren’t exactly sure yet. Early 2017 is going to spent making new music and we couldn’t be more excited.”

Speaking of new music: “Our songwriting process typically works one of two ways. I’ll bring an initial idea of a melody, scratch lyrics, and a basic chord structure to the band where we work on it and complete it, or we jam electrically and then work on what sticks. Those are the most common ways our music is written, however, from time to time, we write outside of the box. Lyrically I focus a lot on my perspective on things like love, religion, social norms, and certain situations I surpass in my life. As much as my lyrics concern what I think, I like making it so that anyone can relate to them, so I combine specifics with basic concepts. Most of my lyrics spur from my scratch lyrics that just originally came along with the melody in my head.”

With their latest single Lighter, Glazer describes the origins of the song.  “Lighter is a really cool song in terms of how it came about. Jake and I sat at my grand piano in my music room in my house after a show in May of 2015 and I just started playing the progression while Jake riffed on the keys. I recorded what we had and went from there finishing the song only a day or two later. We brought it to Skidd, our producer, who turned it into the ballad we wanted it to become. Lyrically, the song is about an addiction, something that you know is bad for you, but you can’t help but go back to. It lends itself to a volatile romantic relationship where the two are toxic for each other, but need one another. We got Marc Klasfeld (Twentyone Pilots, Charlie Puth) to direct the video and he really brought the concept to life. It was filmed in an all white studio. We brought in a girl to play our lead role, a grand piano, and a band set up and just got good emotional shots in each setting. It is my favorite of the two videos we have out right now.

With the DigiTour wrapping up just before the holidays, The Catching are ready to take the stage themselves. “DigiTour has been an interesting experience for us because there are great things about it and some okay things for a band like us. The DigiTour audience isn’t exactly there to see music, so for a pop rock band its either hit or miss with the crowds. Fortunately a large percentage of the shows have been successful with a couple of okay shows, but even then we at least gain twenty solid fans at those not as successful shows. Some of our favorite moments include the entirety of the crowd in Lincoln, Nebraska jumping to the last Ready Set Go chorus to the Milwaukee, Wisconsin crowd singing the words to Lighter. We have really enjoyed our time and have made some good friends and connections from it,” says Holden, lead singer.

As 2016 closes, The Catching are ready to take on 2017. “We have a couple band things to put out on socials throughout the rest of the year, but aside from that we are going to close out the DigiTour and go home and enjoy the rest of the year with friends and family and put a cap on what was the amazing year of 2016 for The Catching.”

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