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Michael Campion on Fuller House - Season 1

Michael Campion on season two of FULLER HOUSE

Michael Campion’s fame is rising as he stars as Jackson Fuller on Netflix’s revival Fuller House, which premieres season two today.  Just like the original cast used Full House as a launching pad for their careers, Campion is ready for the fame. “I get stopped sometimes and take a picture with them. More people may recognize me after season two. I don’t think it’s going to get to the point anywhere near John Stamos.” (Just remember Mary-Kate & Ashley were babies on the show and went on to make millions later in life…Michael Campion is set to take on Hollywood).

Returning for a second season, Campion says it feels like home. “It was a blast. We are all pretty much like a family now. We don’t do any events without each other. We are all pretty tight.”

“The first episode is getting out of summer. Ramona went to a dance camp.  I came back from something else. It goes through all the holiday episodes – Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s. Stephanie gets a love interest. Kimmy gets a brother. Lots of things happen between me and Ramona. It’s a jam packed season for sure.”

If he were to write for Jackson, what would he want his character to do? “Honestly, I am kind of Jackson in real life. He’s more of  a heightened version of me. Everyday stuff, I really like Star Wars. I’m a huge nerd. I’m into that stuff.”

Campion has a full week schedule, including school on set. “I have to balance school and work. I do a minimum of three hours a day. Tuesdays and Wednesdays we have rehearsal. Thursday we pre-shoot all the scenes and Friday is my favourite day of the week, because the live audience comes in. At the end we have a pizza party. The energy is so high. Rod, our crowd entertainer is so funny. ”

Fuller House – Seasons 1 and 2 – is streaming now on Netflix.

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