Holiday Gift Guide 2016

TOP 5 Holiday Gift Guide 2016

The holidays are just beginning and it’s time to grab that perfect gift for that special someone. We have been trying out some products over the past few weeks, and narrowed it down to our Top 5.

ezviz-mini-plus-wi-fi-cloud-camera-1080p-with-2-way-audio1) EZVIZ Mini Plus

If you want to make sure your kids get home, and safe or like me – very curious to see what my dog does when I’m not home (spoiler alert: sleeps), the EZVIZ Mini Plus is one of my new favourite toys. The camera connects to any room in the house with a simple plug and play and through the app (Android/iPhone), you can watch and listen to the room’s activity. No need for a large security system that’s expensive. The Mini Plus is simply $99 for one transportable camera. The camera records – only when there is motion-  so you can playback later on, and saves it onto the Cloud for the best experience.  EZVIZ Mini Plus HD 1080p Wi-Fi Video Security Camera, Works with Alexa using IFTTT – Black is available on


Amazfit2) AMAZFIT

Forget about your dying Fitbit. With Amazfit’s 10 day battery life and wireless charging, you don’t need to worry about it breaking down anytime soon. Amazfit Equator is a ceramic-based wristband (that looks very elegant, and perfect for Christmas parties to go with any outfit) that tracks your steps and sleep.  Track all your goals by connecting your wristband to the app (Android/iPhone). Get the features you want and need for only $79.99. Amazfit Equator Activity + Sleep Tracker is available on




Tespo3) TESPO

Obsessed! If you like your K-cups for your coffee, you will fall in love with Tespo for your vitamins. The vitamins are in a slot in a wheel-like shape. You click it in the machine, pour some water, and push the button. It’s just that easy. Each “wheel” contains 30 days of vitamins. The machine pops a hole and out comes the vitamins in a cup. No more swallowing pills! Formulas include women’s, men’s, children’s, sleep, energy, and focus.  The Tespo Dispenser is available from $99.99 on, and and a month’s worth of vitamins is $35. Before starting any vitamin program it’s recommended you check with your doctor.



Give your internet that super duper power it needs to power your home – whether you are in an apartment or a mansion, or in between. The Amplifi Home Wi-Fi system includes a router and two wireless Mesh Points for the ultimate Wifi experience. To go with the super duper power, it comes with super easy setup via your mobile app (Android/iPhone). It comes in four models depending on your range needs. My area is such a dense area filled with tons of interference, and the Amplifi Wi-Fi system accelerated my signal and has been strong for the past month of using this product. It has even saved my sanity!  AmpliFi HD Home Wi-Fi Router (AFI-R) starts at $149 on

Thinkware Dash Cam X5005) THINKWARE DASH CAM X500

Thanksgiving and Christmas are times for long drives. Don’t fall asleep. Let the Thinkware Dash Cam X500 help you on those drives. With a Road Safety Warning System giving you voice warnings for lane departure, potential front collision, alerts you to speed cameras, red light cameras, and more. It’s a perfect passenger this year. THINKWARE X500 Full HD Dash Cam with Sony Exmor Sensor, GPS Tracker & Traffic Enforcement Warning

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