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Kevin Can Wait - Taylor Spreitler

Taylor Spreitler goes from Melissa & Joey to Kevin Can Wait

Taylor Spreitler is becoming a veteran in television very quickly, at the age of 23. Starting her career on Days of our Lives but is best known for five years as Lennox on Melissa & Joey. These days, she joins the new CBS hit Kevin Can Wait playing Kevin James’ daughter, Kendra. Don’t worry if you missed her on the show – her hair colour is quite different. Going from a blonde on Melissa & Joey to a brunette on Kevin Can Wait can be daring for an actress, but it paid off.

“A lot of people didn’t recognize me with dark hair. It’s fun. It’s worked out pretty well for me so far so I think I’ll keep it. I actually changed it right before [Kevin Can Wait] and everyone was super nervous about me doing it but I was right,” Spreitler says.

“[Kevin] is wonderful. He is so nice and the epitome of professional. It’s been a super fun time. We have such a great cast and crew.”

November sweeps has now begun and it’s the time of year when the shows bring out guest stars and their best episodes to get higher ratings. “We have a lot of guest stars, some of which I cannot tell you. It’s a lot of Kevin’s friends who hang out with us for the week.” (Adam Sandler will guest star on November 7th).

The audition process can sometimes be grueling, but not this time. “It was surprisingly a lot easier than most. I went in and met with the producers. It just clicked immediately. The idea of living in New York and working with Kevin James was great. Luckily it worked out.”

The ending for Melissa & Joey was bittersweet. “It’s weird. I grew up on that show. I got my driver’s license. I went to high school. It was so much fun. That’s my family. I still talk to the cast and crew, almost everyday. Melissa is based on the East Coast, so I am going to try to get her to the Kevin Can Wait set.”

Taylor has gone from blonde to brunette, but you can catch her in the latest Amityville horror flick in theatres in January with black hair. “I am excited for people to finally see it. We shot it two or three years ago. I have black hair. It’s insane. It’ll be fun to scare people for once. I am pretty much the girl that is like ‘yeah, whatever, I don’t believe in that stuff,” she says in her best valley voice, “and then get the crap scared out of me. I am that girl. I’m the annoying girl.”

Although Spreitler is a huge fan of horror movies, this Halloween was a bit tame. “I take Halloween very seriously but I was travelling so I didn’t get a chance to do it this year. I love horror movies. I love scary movies and haunted houses and all of it.”

But her Ideal costume? “I have the wig and accessories. My best friend and I were going to go as Meryl Streep and Goldie Hawn in Death Becomes Her. I was going to go as Goldie Hawn but gotta figure out how to make a hole in my stomach and make her head turned around.  Way too much. Next year.”

Kevin Can Wait airs Monday nights on CBS at 8pm.

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