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Patrika Darbo

Patrika Darbo is back on Days of our Lives!

Patrika Darbo has guest starred on many shows including The Big Bang Theory and Seinfeld but one of her most notable roles is Nancy Wesley on NBC’s daytime Days of our Lives spanning back to 1999. Although she has returned a few times to the show, she is back better than ever.  “I went back in July. Everything you are seeing now was done in July. It was wonderful going back because it is like family. I got to see new pictures of Nadia’s new baby, and to catch up with Kristen and Lauren and everyone. I was there and then I was gone again. I am going to be airing through December. It’s a good story line.”

But, wait. Nancy will be back in 2017.  “I am very appreciative of the writers and they have asked me back in January, but you probably won’t see that till June,” she laughs.

Having interviewed many celebrities myself for 16 years – including many of the DOOL stars throughout the years – just like in ordinary life, there are always people who are super nice, nice, and some that are so anti-social, but Patrika takes the cake as one of the super nicest people to chat with, a trend that goes closely with soap stars who are very appreciative and away from the glitz and glam of Hollywood.

“I am very blessed and lucky. I love working with all those people. The most frustrating part is when you don’t get to work with everybody. How fun was my scene when I get to tell Deimos Kiriakis (plated by Vincent Irizaary) to stay away from me and my daughter. That was so much fun.”

Although I did try to get some spoilers out of her, she said she wanted to come back again and again to Days, so she had to keep tight-lipped. Fair enough!

Next up Patrika’s voice will be heard on American Dad. “I did that a few weeks ago. What a great group of people. I had a bad cough. They waited for three weeks for me to get better. It was such a great experience.  I am in a box with a microphone in front of me looking at a glass window. You don’t have another actor to work with.  It’s like having a nervous breakdown. I give such credit to my fellow actors who do this all the time.”

“Some of these actors are having conversations with themselves, switching in and out. Talk about having to go to your psychiatrist because you have no idea who you are,” she jokes.

It was her performance on a little web series called Acting Dead that brought home a trophy for Darbo (as seen above). “It’s about an actor who couldn’t get a job until he turned himself into a zombie. I was his travel agent / talent agent. We worked for no money. We worked deferred because we were doing it for love for the people that you are working with, but ultimately I got the best payment. I got the Emmy out of that.”

“I got a nomination working on Daytime. I got a nomination and a win from the Primetime people. Emmys are voted by fellow actors. I can’t tell you how grateful and appreciative I am.”

You can watch Patrika Darbo on Days of our Lives weekdays on NBC.






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