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Kayla Maisonet

Disney star Kayla Maisonet talks anti-bullying, being bi-racial and STUCK IN THE MIDDLE

Kayla Maisonet plays Georgie in Disney Channel’s Stuck In the Middle. Born in New York, the 17-year-old has thick skin to all the social media bullying, but that doesn’t stop her for speaking out against the problem of the century.

“Bullying is such a tragic thing that happens all the time, and I’ve been a victim of it. It’s not fun to be on the other end, and I think it’s important to use your voice, and especially on this platform, and help kids understand why it’s not okay. Also let them know that they’re not alone, I’ve been there. Just comfort them and just speak about why it’s not a good thing, and raise awareness.”

Last month, Maisonet posted a Facebook picture supporting National Bullying Awareness Month awareness. “I think being bi-racial has probably had a lot to do with [her being bullied]. I don’t look like everybody else. I don’t know. I have this big unique trademark [the hair] and I think people tend to comment on it a lot, and it’s something I can’t control. I was just born like that”
Being bi-racial also comes with many great perks. “I’ve seen ways where it can’t be like the greatest thing, because people will look at you differently when you’re in the room, and be like oh god this girl looks nothing like me, I’m not going to get this role. I’ve also been in positions where there are a bunch of other people who look just like each other, and then I’ll walk in and I don’t look like them, so that helps as well. Lately working in this industry, I think that it’s a great time to be biracial, have an ethnicity, because I think that’s what people want to see, because there hasn’t been a lot of that on TV and film. I think it’s a great time to embrace your curls, or embrace your ethnicity if you’re biracial like me. I think it’s working in our favor right now.”
As for Stuck in the Middle’s new season premiering in the Spring, Kayla was able to give us a bit of a tease. “I would say a really fun story line that you have never seen before. It’s shot differently. The Diaz’s get into more crazy, fun situations. Like one that you have never see. That’s been really fun. We’ve been shooting and our first two episodes are something like Disney have never done before. We shot on a really fun location so we are really excited.”

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