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Van Helsing

Get to know Kelly Overton, Syfy’s Vanessa VAN HELSING

Meet Vanessa Van Helsing from Syfy’s Van Helsing (Friday nights at 10pm). “Vanessa comes from a line. She is a descendant from Vampire Hunters. That is her history. She is also a single mom. She’s an incredibly strong, loyal hard working woman. Her daughter is her world. She works really hard to provide with her everything possible. She is making ends meet, given some tough circumstances,” says actress Kelly Overton who portrays Vanessa.

The show, which kicked off season one almost a month ago has already been renewed for a second season. If you are curious how Vanessa relates to the popular Van Helsing character the public is more familiar with, Overton says she is a descendant. Without spoiling anything, “near the end of the season, we really start to explore more specifically about her lineage but we are telling a new story. “

Kelly Overton, known for her roles on Legends and True Blood,  says blood, gore and stunts are all a part of the series. “I love fight scenes. I love the athleticism. That’s one of the main reasons I took the job. I love to run around. I love having weapons. I love a good fight scene. We had an amazing stunt team. They had my back.” But it was also the sci-fi nerd in Overton that attracted her to the role originally. “I’[ve been into vampires and sci-fi fantasy since I was a kid. They are really cool and fascinating. The thing I love about sci-fi is your imagination times 10. It’s so make believe that it reminds me when I was a child.”

But back to the show. Van Helsing, which also stars an outstanding cast including Jonathan Scarfe, Rukiya Bernard, David Cubitt, Vincent Gale, Trezzo Mahoro, Aleks Paunovic and Alison Wandzura, takes place as the world crumbles after a catastrophic volcano erupts.

“The remaining vampires that live underground come to the surface. They rise up and take over America. Vanessa gets attacked and killed. She is in the morgue. Everything really happens fast with the Apocalypse and the war that is happening. They kept me in this coma state for 3 years. We meet a character named Axl (Jonathan Scarfe), who is part of the military and has been sent to retrieve me and is unable to do that because the hospital gets attacked. He helps me and protects me.  When I wake up from my coma, Vanessa doesn’t know where she is. She doesn’t know what happened. She knows who she is, but it comes to her in pieces. She’s not in a very friendly environment when she wakes up. Her main mission is to find her daughter. Along the way, she starts discovering she has supernatural powers, just as the audience learns her powers as well.”

After shooting Van Helsing for five months in Vancouver earlier this year, Overton says it’s time for a break – sort of. “I’m not a workaholic. The show shot 5 months. 16 hours a day. I have a five-year-old daughter. I am home relaxing and being a mom.” But hold on, that hasn’t stopped Kelly Overton from creating a jewellery line a year ago that you can shop online. “It’s called Benevolence LA. Large proceeds go to charity that help provide clean water to parts of the world that doesn’t get it.”

Actress. Jewellery creator. Mom. The wonderful Kelly Overton, ladies and gentlemen.


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