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Rising STARS Halloween Stories

Halloween: young and old celebrate this season differently. Some party. Some are all about the candy. Some about the costumes. Some even get married around Halloween. We asked a few rising stars on how they celebrate this scary time of year.

sage-correra-halloweenFirst up is one of my favorite rising stars Sage Correa, who stars opposite Halle Berry in the upcoming film Kidnap (due in theatres December 2). The 8 year old said he went through a cowboy phase in 2013, but it was 2014 that where he dressed up as Michaelanglo from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles “because his personality is the most like mine. He is a jokester and loves to play video games….just like me! That was the year I was filming my movie, Kidnap, in New Orleans so I had fun walking the streets of NOLA in my costume. I even went to a huge parade where they threw things from floats. It felt a lot like Mardi Gras. It was probably my coolest Halloween ever!”



Singers and actresses sisters Bianca and Chiara D’Ombrosio took us through a few years of their Halloween costumes:


Our first Halloween 2005- We celebrated in Rome while visiting our sister.  Our mom loves those matching onesies !!  We actually got our 2 bottom teeth that day and obviously NO candy 🙁

2008 – Chiara :  I loved all the Disney princesses and wanted to be Sleeping Beauty
Bianca : I loved Tinkerbell and thought I was a fairy.

2009 – Chiara :  I was stilling holding on to being Sleeping Beauty
Bianca:  I fell in love with the story of Beauty & the Beast and wanted to be Belle that year

2013   We went with the 70″s look because we were obsessed & still are with the Go Go boots !!  We wore this for Halloween &  as a guest for the Hub Halloween Bash Party.  We had just worked on See Dad Run on Nickelodeon & Jack Griffo played our brother .  It was awesome to see him at the event.

2015   Chiara:  I felt like I would be unique in this Minnie outfit.  Plus I loved the fun look
Bianca: We were celebrating at Disney so I wanted a Disney theme costume.  Plus I could wear sneakers !!!
kristen-li-halloweenKristen Li plays the voice of Bubbles in the Powerpuff Girls reminisces her time in 2007 dressing up as a waitress. “I dressed up as a waitress because I saw a show (I don’t remember the show) and the waitress was so funny. She was an older lady just like the picture with glasses and she was taking orders while chewing gum. I wanted to be funny and dress like her. As you can see, I had my mom make the skirt and still had my skin colored skating tights on which was perfect for the outfit. I was trying to be a 50 yr old lady! I think she made some sounds with the gum and taking order at the same time. It was funny!”

She’s all about the candy, but a little dollar here and there doesn’t hurt. “My favorite thing about Halloween is how much candy I would get. I would want to fill the bag with all the goodies, and sometimes they gave me a dollar! One time, I went up to the scary house to trick or treat and the guy came out dressed in a skeleton outfit, but the skeleton was glowing so it looked like a real skeleton. That was a scary moment for me cause I was very young. Then I said thank you, and his son who was like five years old jumped in front of his dad and he was dressed the same. That was really funny now I think about it. Both of them scared me but now that I look back, it was kind of funny!”


jamie-hilfiger-halloweenAs we get older, the sexiness comes out in the Halloween costumes. Star of E!’s New Money and Tommy Hilfiger’s niece, model Jaimie Hilfiger shared this photo of her last year as a Sexy Bride. “Actually I dressed as a bride when I was 5-years-old for my Kindergarten party and have always been obsessed with bridal wear.  I think it’s so feminine and pretty.  So last year I figured Halloween costumes should be like fashion trends – they should be revamped and recycled. “

“I love any excuse to dress up. I have always dressed up as something girly and feminine.  The scary costumes were never my style.”





aaron-paul-halloweenAaron Paul former lead singer of UK band “Worlds Apart” was discovered by Simon Cowell and have 5 hits but sometimes the bus is the quickest way around town – but a bit painful too. “Over the weekend, I was traveling to a photographer friend of mine who has his annual Halloween Party. This year I decided to go as pirate. As it was the easiest costumes I could put together as I had most of the costume already from a bunch of stuff I owed. I have never dressed as a pirate before for Halloween, so this was supposed to be a fun and different costume choice. I was going to be staying over night after the party because my friend too far for me to travel back home from.  So I had packed all my costume in a small case.

Once I got on the bus, I suddenly tripped and saw my cap of my front tooth (I had broken my tooth many years ago as a kid and had a permanent cap as a replacement tooth) go flying out of my mouth in mid air. I was able to get up from the floor unhurt, but was missing my front tooth. If I had lost that tooth it was going to cost at least $1000 for a replacement tooth. And how ironic that I was going to this Halloween party as a pirate. Art has a way of imitating real life!  I spent the next 20 minutes of that bus ride scouring the floor of the bus looking for my tooth. I could not find it anywhere. Now panic was starting to set in. I eventually found my tooth wedged between the back of a seat on the bus. The few other passengers on the bus must of thought I was a nut case because they could see and hear me searching and screaming about my missing tooth. “

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