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Chicago Fire

Interview: CHICAGO FIRE Cast Tease Season 5

Chicago Fire, one of the hottest (get it? ha) shows on television, is entering its fifth season on October 11th. We took some time to catch up with the cast on-set during filming.  For the full length interview, watch the video above however, here are some highlights:

Jesse Spencer on his character Matthew Casey: “He’s a family man now. Both us – Dawson and I – were on truck. It’s dangerous to have both people on high risk. She moved back to Ambo, so if anything were to happen to me, she’ll still be around, vice versa.”

Monica Raymund on her character Gabriela Dawson’s family life: “I think the viewers are going to love it because now the viewers get to see a side of Dawson and Casey as parents, and that changes the cost and the stake of what the characters are doing at work everyday…”

Kara Killmer on her character Sylvie Brett: “This season we get to look forward to an unlikely pairing. We have Brett and Mouch discovering they have a similar passion in a project that they decide to work on together, and it’s very hush hush. A very covert operation, but it’s hilarious.”

Miranda Rae Mayo on Stella Kidd: “I think the viewers will be pleasantly surprised about who Stella really is and her vulnerable side.”

There is soo much more in the video above so as we all get ready for season 5 of Chicago Fire, sit down and join the cast as they get you ready.

In case you haven’t seen it already, we have a Chicago Fire preview of the premiere airing on NBC October 11.



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